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Save the Blue Heart of Europe

On November 10, 2021, I walked without assistance and in total autonomy, the entirety of the last great wild river in Europe: the Vjosa.

An exceptional and wild route of 330 km between Greece and Albania to raise public awareness of the fate reserved for the Vjosa, one of the last wilderness settings in Europe, today threatened by the construction of about fifty dams!

If these projects are carried out, the NGOs believe that the consequences would be disastrous: destabilization of biodiversity, endangerment of protected animal and plant species, impact on the populations who live thanks to the river...

Let's mobilize to save the Vjosa by signing the international petition calling for the establishment of the "Parc National de Rivière Sauvage" label in order to permanently protect this majestic river:

World Tour 2018 - 2019

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